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Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay! Kostenloser Versand verfügbar. Kauf auf eBay. eBay-Garantie Possibilities are Black, white, silver, blue, red, brown or gray, with brown or blue eyes. Mandy had an adorable litter of six mini Aussie doodle puppies. 3 girls 3 boys A nice mix of coats 3 chocolate merels a tri coat snd solid red. All puppies in this litter are reserved with a deposit Mini Aussiedoodles are generally very healthy dogs, but some health conditions to be aware of are deafness, allergies, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, and hip dysplasia. The genetic history of the parents and the results of any health tests can help you determine what to expect and allay any potential health concerns Aussiedoodle Colors Sable A Sable coat consists of black-tipped hairs; the rest of the hair can be gold to yellow, silver, grey, or tan. The darkness of the coat depends on how much of each hair is black versus the lighter color. Phantom A Phantom is

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  1. doodle colors & the merle pattern. Bernedoodles and Ausse Mountain Doodles (Aussie Bernedoodles / Swiss Doodles) come in black tricolor with the Irish Trim and copper/rust points traditionally seen on the parent breed of Bernese Mountain Dogs
  2. Aussiepoo 's, also commonly referred to as the Aussiedoodle, are a small to medium sized dog breed that's a mixture between an Australian Shepherd and Poodle. This is one of the fastest growing and trending doodle dog breeds because the Aussiepoo is typically multicolored, a non shedding Australian Shepherd, and hypoallergenic
  3. We are adding the Bernedoodle to our breeding program. The Bernedoodles are a mix between the bernese and the poodle. Mini Aussiedoodles are also availabl
  4. g black tuxedo male
  5. The Miniature Aussiedoodle is a hybrid mix of the Miniature Australian Shepherd and the Miniature Poodle.At first glance, one might think that this hybrid is a mix of a mix and a purebred, but in actual fact, the Miniature Australian Shepherd is not a crossbreed or mixed breed

READ OUR BLOG POST ON 10 OF THE BEST TOYS AND CHEWS FOR DOODLE PUPPIES! These are the Labradoodle and Aussiedoodle colors we've produced in the past. Obviously, not ever color is available in every litter. We're happy to say we produce these colors in both our Aussiedoodles and our Labradoodles - including blue and [ (Mini Aussie-Poo) (Mini Aussie Doodle) (Mini Aussiedoodle) It can be straight, wavy, or curly and come in a variety of colors such as black, blue merle, red merle, white and tan, blonde, golden, silver, phantom, tri and combinations of these colors. Very low to no-shedding The Aussiedoodle Dog is a mix between the Australian Shepherd and Poodle. Many people have heard of the Labradoodle, some have even heard of the Goldendoodle, and now there is an Aussiedoodle.. These intelligent hybrid dogs are a relatively new designer cross, and yet are loved by all who encounter them A black dog with any brown or white (a tri) can turn a beautiful silver as it ages. Miniature Aussiedoodle's need to be checked for the same genetic conditions as their purebred Aussie and Poodle progenitors. We breed for Mini Aussiedoodles clear of genetic diseases JD's Mini Aussiedoodles, North Platte, Nebraska. 557 likes · 28 talking about this. Miniature Aussiedoodles bred and raised in a family-oriented setting in North Platte, NE

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$1100 Black Tri-Color: a black, white, and tan/copper Aussiedoodle with a white face blaze, white chest, and white on some feet. $1100 Black Tuxedo: solid black Aussiedoodle with little white other than a small white sliver down the chest Aussie doodle is a hybrid dog, a cross Australian Shepherd breed with a Miniature or Toy Poodle. Other names are Toy Aussiedoodle, Miniature Aussie-Poo, and Toy Aussiepoo. This cute miniature pooch will make an excellent family companion. These dogs are incredibly social, protective, outgoing, affectionate, and playful

F1: poodle x aussie YES THESE PUPPIES CAN POTENTIALLY SHED!!!!! In theory there should be significantly lower shedding and dander Pups are estimated to be 15-25lbs full grown This is the first litter for this mama doggy Ready to go at 8 weeks on May 8th 2021 - we will be at a dog show in Lakeland that weekend so we need to figure out schedulin The Aussie, as they are sometimes called, is a medium-sized, firm, and muscular dog with boundless energy. Their height ranges from 18-23 inches and their weight is approximately 40-64 pounds. The temperament of the Aussie is intelligent, even-tempered, loyal, and naturally protective

Aussie coats offer different looks, including merle (a mottled pattern with contrasting shades of blue or red). In all ways, they're the picture of rugged and agile movers of stock. Aussies exhibit an irresistible impulse to herd, Black Tri One Blue Eye Red Mini Merle Australian Shepherds Red Merle Mini Australian Shepherd Unsere red tri Mini Aussie Hündin HEAVEN Aus dieser Anpaarung gingen sowohl Toy als auch Mini Aussiedoodle Welpen in den Farben black-tan, schwarz mit weißen Abzeichen, hier ein paar Bilder von einem ursprünglich schokobraunen Welpen hin zu einem hellblonden Doodle. These Aussie doodles puppies are ready for pick-up. We have 4 girls and 3 boys mini Aussie doodle puppies up for rehoming. Our Mini Aussiedoodle puppies are now 7 weeks old enough to go to the... September 7, 2020. 2 black and white girls show silver signs, will be lovely

High quality Aussiedoodle gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Mini Aussiedoodles can range between 25-40 pounds. Size will vary a depending on the specific pairings of our parents. They are the perfect size if you are looking for a smaller doodle who is not only beautiful to look at but is also fun loving, calm and low maintenance. We also offer Micro Mini Aussiedoodles who will range between 18-30lbs. Micro Mini Aussiedoodles are F1B doodles, they are a.

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  1. (Mini Aussie-Poo) (Mini Aussie Doodle) (Mini Aussiedoodle) It can be straight, wavy, or curly and come in a variety of colors such as black, blue merle, red merle, white and tan, blonde, golden, silver, phantom, tri and combinations of these colors. Very low to no-shedding
  2. Dog Group: Miscellaneous (Designer) Size: 12-18 inches tall, 15-35 lbs Lifespan: 12-15 years Energy Level: Very High Coat: Ranges from long and straight to curly Shedding: Moderate Hypoallergenic: Semi. History: The Mini Aussiedoodle is a popular designer dog that's a smaller-sized version of the standard Aussiedoodle.The breed is a hybrid of the Australian Shepherd and the Miniature Poodle
  3. iature Australian Shepherd with a Miniature Poodle. She is small to medium and has a life span of 10 to 15 years. She is also known as a Mini Aussiedoodle, Toy Aussiedoodle, Mini Aussie-Poo, Miniature Aussie-Poo, Toy Aussiepoo and Toy Aussie-Poo
  4. Medium - A Doodle that is predicted to be 30-45 lbs at adulthood. Miniature/Petite - A Doodle that is predicted to be 15-30 lbs at adulthood. COLORS: Doodles are available in a variety of colors. The choices range from red, apricot, chocolate, caramel, phantom, silver and different variations of cream, cafe and black. TEMPERAMENT
  5. CW Aussies CW Aussies CW Aussies CW Aussies CW Aussies CW Aussies CW Aussies CW Aussies CW Aussies CW Aussies CW Aussies CW Aussies CW Aussies CW Aussies CW Aussies CW Aussies CW Aussies CW Aussies CW Aussies CW We are proud to offer F1 and F1b Toy and Mini Aussiedoodles to loving families, but we have some great news! We will be able.
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  7. Doodle Generation: F1b (75% poodle/25% Aussie) Breed: Mini Aussiedoodle Availability: no Parents: Izzy x Hero Expected arrival time: May 2, 2021 Approximate size: 30-45lbs. Colors expected: Brown tri, blue and chocolate Merle phantom, black tri, tuxedo Doodle Generation: F1 (50% poodle/50% Aussie) Breed: Mini Aussiedoodle Availability: no.

Jessie is or gorgeous mini Aussie doodle girl, with a beautiful chocolate/black hypoallergenic coat. She should mature around 12-18 pounds, will be very intelligent and athletic, great around children. Reserve her now Ever After Mini Doodles mini aussiedoodle breeder is all about family! When we say, from our home to yours, we mean it. Ever After is NOT a puppy farm. All of our adult dogs are family pets and they live, eat, and sleep in our homes (not in a kennel or breeding facility)

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Beautiful little girl with a huge persoanlity. She is the smallest in the litter and the last female available. Very happy and outgoing. Mom is a 20lb blue merle mini aussie. Dad is a 20lb Red poodle. Gorgeous soft coat that will be very low shedding. Health cert, age appropriate shots and deworming. To meet this black beauty please call Find Miniature Aussiedoodle dogs and puppies from Florida breeders. It's also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site

Toy/Mini Aussie, & Aussi-Doodle Puppies RockyTopDog July 29, 2017 November 29, 2020. Coton de Tulear RockyTopDog November 2, 2018 December 12, 2019. Avah is a gorgeous Mini Australian Shepherd. She is a black tri-color with an adorable thumbprint touch of white on her neck and more white on her chest F1 mini AussieDo. Aussie Doodle / Aussiedoodle Puppy (female) $1,250.00. Eagle Mountain, UT. This black and white Aussie Doodle puppy was born on February 1st. She is playfu. Aussie Doodle / Aussiedoodle Puppy (male) $1,250.00. Eagle Mountain, UT. This black Aussie Doodle puppy was born on February 1st. He has a patch of white. Aussie Doodle. We will be having a repeat pairing due to high demand. Briskey Blue our Silver Standard Poodle & Clementine our Old English Sheepdog, produced Big , Beautiful Sheepadoodles with amazing Temperments


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Toy Aussie's will generally stand around 15 inches tall and weigh between 15 and 20 pounds. The Toy is a cross between a Toy Poodle and a mini Australian Shepherd. This is one of the most sought-after sizes of Aussiedoodle Deep Creek Mini Aussiedoodles--Puppies raised inside our home by our family in Marshall County, Indiana, United States Black,White. Gender Male. Food Kit and will be vet checked. Woodys mother, Missie, is a 40lb Miniature Australian Shepherd. View Details. $2,000. Trixie. Asas mom is a beautiful mini Australian shepherd and dad is a cream miniature poodle. View Details. $1,200. Tom Mini. https:. The second parent, the Mini Australian Shepherd, is slightly larger at 20-40 pounds and 14-18 inches tall. How Big Do Mini Aussiedoodles Get? So, how big do Mini Aussiedoodles get? The Mini Aussiedoodle size full grown will be between 20 and 45 pounds while standing 12-17 inches in height Both the Standard and Mini reach their adult size at 1 year old. Mini Aussiedoodles are quite small and can fit comfortably in any living situation. You can keep them in an apartment, a condo, a house with or without a yard. If you do have a yard, it's best to keep it enclosed for your Mini Aussie Poodle's protection

Mini Aussie Doodles . Found a home! Vincent Featured Puppies . Found a home! Emmaline Mini Aussie Doodles . Subscribe to our email list for info on upcoming litters. SUBSCRIBE. Home. About . Testimonials. Contact. Puppies. Facebook-f. Instagram Australian Shepherd Breeder, Mini Aussie, Toy Aussiedoodles, Goldendoodle, and Poodles. Menu. We have warm hearts for cold noses! Crystal Falls, Michigan 2020 Premo Creek Puppies Crystal Falls, MI 49920 319-350-9388 | 319.

Proudly raising mini and medium Bernedoodles and Aussie Mountain Doodles (aka Aussie Bernedoodles or Swiss Doodles) in traditional tricolors, merle tricolors, phantoms and parti patterns. Located on the beautiful Central Coast of Oregon on the Pacific Northwest, an easy drive from Eugene, Salem, Portland and Bend and a great road trip from San Jose, San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area Mini Labradoodle DOB: 3/17/21. Purple Girl - Red F1b Mini Labradoodle DOB: 3/17/21. Pink Girl - Red F1b Mini Labradoodle DOB: 3/17/21: Yellow Boy - Chocolate F1b Mini Aussie Doodle DOB: 4/7/21: Green Boy - Chocolate F1b Mini Aussie Doodle DOB: 4/7/21: Pink Girl - Chocolate & White Parti F1b Mini Aussie Doodle DOB: 4/7/21: Purple Girl - Black. Gary and Dianne Black in OHIO . Home 937-833-5862. Dianne at 937-815-4281 He is the male pup from Patches (mini Aussie) and Caine (mini poodle). Wrigley is now 1 year and 3 months old and weighs 16.5 lbs. He is the PERFECT size, She is our beautiful 6mth old 40lb Aussie doodle Find Aussiedoodles for Sale in Dallas on Oodle Classifieds. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood Find Aussiedoodles for Sale in Dayton on Oodle Classifieds. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood

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  1. Aussiedoodle puppies for sale in Nevada and anywhere in the US. At Fine and Dandy AussieDoodles we responsibly breed our puppies to find responsible owners and homes. We breed a 50/50 to retain the natural instinct of the breeds
  2. Find Aussiedoodle puppies for sale and dogs for adoption. Find your new companion at NextDayPets.com
  3. i Aussie and
  4. Aussiedoodle puppies for sale from dog breeders near Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas. Find the perfect Aussiedoodle puppy for sale at Next Day Pets
  5. Hello this is Gamora she is a Black Bi Female MINI Aussie Doodle she will grow to be 15' tall and 20-25 pounds. Gamora will be ready to go at 8 weeks old, she is raised in home and will be well socialized with kids and other dogs, she will be vaccinated and come with shot records from our vet, Mom is a registered Mini Aussie and Dad is a registered Mini Poodle so Gamora will come with her.
  6. Aussie eyes have been seen that are golden, lemon yellow, amber, light brown, dark brown, green, orange, and blue. On very dark individuals they may even appear black. The iris can be monochromatic, have concentric rings of color, flecks of darker pigment, flecks of blue, or be split or marbled with blue (heterochromia iridis)
  7. Mini Aussiedoodles are a great choice for people who love the personality of Aussies but can't have one due to their excessive shedding. The combination of these two breeds makes an exceptionally intelligent, loyal and athletic companion with very low shedding

Calvin and Bennett the Cavapoos and Jimmy the Mini Aussiedoodle. All of their personalities are wonderful and unique. We can't imagine life without these sweet boys. The Cavapoo's have a significantly lower energy level than the Aussie. The Aussie is incredibly determined in everything he does. This can work to your benefit or against you Aussiedoodle mini sizes get anywhere from 10-15 pounds and are a hybrid of the Mini Aussie and Mini Poodle. And finally, we have the Standard Aussiedoodle full grown size of 40-70 pounds. As you can see, the Borderdoodle tends to be smaller in standard sizes. But when it comes to the mini and toy breeds, the Aussiedoodle comes out smaller

That said doodle mixed in does mellow them a bit more and also limits the shedding. You also may get them a little smaller than just a mini Aussie that way. As for black Aussie doodles they usually are born black and fade a bit more to gray and silver as they get older. Some stay black. But most fade Mini available in August and Mediums June and July Go home !! Have you ever wondered how we come up with our puppy names? Listen in to our podcast. Rapunzel and Thumper No Availability . Going Home: Saturday, April 24, 2021 at 11a.m. Boys Girls . Sweet Pecan & Huck Finn. No Availability, around 25 pound Mini Blue-Eyed F1 Aussiedoodle Puppies. Molly had 9 puppies on 6/12/2013 ALL PUPPIES ARE SOLD IN THIS LITTER. Visit our newest litter here! You can join our Litter Notification list if you would like to be notified when our next litter is planned The Mini Aussiedoodle is the result of crossing two popular breeds, the Miniature Australian Shepherd and the Poodle.. Using a Miniature or Toy Poodle is what makes it a Mini Aussiedoodle rather than just an Aussiedoodle!. Mini Aussiedoodle Origins. Despite being France's national dog, Poodles originated in Germany, where they were used primarily as hunting dogs Charlie is our mini Poodle. Charlie is so loveable and cuddly. He loves to play fetch and twirl for you! He is a good protector and he loves to be around people. Charlie gets along great with cats, other dogs, children and adults. Full panel health tested by Paw Prints Genetics. 11 pounds ; Parti poodle of Black, White & Gra

At Doodle Doods, we want people across the world to be more informed and confident when it comes to raising their Doodles. We are the number one authority on Doodle-centered information, and we pride ourselves as the only Doodle website providing data-backed articles containing direct feedback from hundreds of real Doodle owners, as well as citing trusted professional groomer and veterinary. The Black Goldendoodle is a combination of a pure Golden Retriever and the Standard Poodle. They have the best of both world in terms of looks, personality, and intelligence. The fact that it doesn't shed, is an added bonus. The black Goldendoodle ticks all the right boxes if you're looking for a nice dog breed These small Aussies were perfect for herding small flocks of sheep. They have great stamina and the ability to focus. The Mini Aussiedoodle also originates in the USA during the big Doodle boom as a companion dog. Mini Goldendoodles are half Mini Poodle and Golden Retriever As a crossbreed dog, the Aussiedoodle is the child with the combined characteristics of its loyal and gamesome Australian Shepherd and the intelligent and energetic Poodle parents. With a defined, strong-boned, muscular structure covered with rabbit-like soft coat, this small-size cuddling companion is quickly gaining popularity over the past couple of decades. Aussiedoodle Pictures Recognize Highly intelligent: The Aussiedoodle is a highly intelligent breed, thanks to the combination of genes coming from both breeds, the Australian Shepherd and Poodle. They should be given mental tasks and stimulations since they easily get bored and may act out in destructive ways. Loving and loyal: They love everyone, and they love kids.They can easily get along with other animals such as dogs.

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  1. Mini aussie doodle $2,500 He is a beautifully marked Aussie doodle pup with wavy coat. will Average 25 pounds at maturity. he will make an excellent companion dog. will recieve age appropriate vaccines..
  2. Aussie and Me Animal Rescue US. Lone Star Aussies US. Awesomedoodle US. Doodle Trust UK. Doodle Aid. Poo-Mix Rescue. If you know any other great Aussiedoodle rescues, be sure to let us know, so we can add them to this list! And tell us all about your amazing Aussiedoodles! References And Resource
  3. i Aussie has had no such pop culture flashpoint in recent history. Instead, its rise can be traced to its winning personality and looks, and the politics of dog breeding
  4. We at Aussie Labradoodle believe we are breeding the most loving, healthy, and reliable family pets around! Of course, we may be a bit biased :). Beginning with our first imported Australian Labradoodle, Macey, from Tegan Park in Australia, we've been doing our best to improve this breed since 2000
  5. Born: Mar 24, 2021 Take Home: May 29, 2021 Estimated Weight: 15-25 pounds Colors: Fawn Price: $2800 SOLD OUT. View Puppie
  6. A Mini Labradoodle is a combination of two friendly dog breeds that crave human affection and are always happy to have company. This designer dog breed is happiest when they are with their family and they have a playful personality. They have a low prey drive and tend to do well with other dogs and pets within the household as well as children
  7. A short documentary of our Woodland Aussie & Doodles life. Please enjoy. ----->>>>> PAGES 1-MINI 2-STANDARD ***NOTICE: Puppies expected MAY 2021!!!*** Australian Shepherd x Miniature Poodle = Miniature Aussiedoodle CURRENT PRICING: $4600 The BEST of BOTH breeds!

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Contact Kathleen The mix of outstanding types of function and devotion make the Mini Aussie doodle a perfect... Liberal Oregon Pets and Animals 1,500 $ View pictures. Mini Aussie puppies Perfect little mini Aussies, both female. 1 Black Tri Color female $375.00 WOP. 1 Blue Merle Female $375.00 WOP. Up... Gold Hill Oregon Pets and Animals. Mini-aussies make wonderful pets, or could be used in shows or obedience trials. Our mini-Aussies are particularly acclimated towards pet life. We do not dock tails - which is also rare among Aussie breeders. We do not feel tail docking is humane or necessary This Black Mini Aussiedoodle DOG Id: 2788631 was born on 5/18/2020 here at Petland Rockford. Pet Supply stores have been named by the state of Illinois as an essential business. We are open and are happy to help you meet the needs of your pets during this crisis Vesbach's Doodle Valley Farm Poodles, Bernedoodles & Aussidoodles for pets, therapy & service dogs. We nurture their neurological health starting at just days old. Our Poodles, Aussies, Bernese Mountain Dog & Doodles are wonderful loving companions & a part of our family & live in our house. So,.

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Aussiedoodles have a wide range of sizes. That's because an Aussie can be bred to any of the three Poodle sizes: toy, miniature, or standard. Miniature Australian Shepherds can also be used to create a smaller version. However, some breeders aim to make toy or mini Aussie Poos that can weigh under 25 pounds (11 kg) and under 10 inches (25 cm. Mini Irish Doodle prices. Mini Irish Doodles are Irish Doodles that can in a smaller package. However, they're usually more expensive than Irish Doodles. You should expect to pay around $2000 for a Mini Irish Doodle puppy. The price can fluctuate depending on each individual breeder

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  1. i Aussie, which means lots of possibilities for finding one which is the right fit for you. Mini Australian Shepherd Puppy Weight Chart
  2. He's black with a white tuxedo (although he looks shiny in the sunlight of this picture). We're in love! 35. 6 comments. share. save. 2. Posted by 9 hours ago. Edison misses the snow in Texas. 2. 0 comments. share. save. 2. Posted by 14 hours ago. HELP!!! Really need some help and some good advice on this one
  3. i aussie when my 16 year old female is no longer with me. The other female is 4 and will need a buddy. Am looking for a male and live in Silt, Co. Would love to come and see your facility
  4. i double doodle
  5. utes regularly. These dogs will love to follow their human companions wherever they go
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WC Mini Aussies - Recognized as a Good Dog Breeder . Standards & Screening. We're committed to the health and well-being of dogs — and to your peace of mind. At Good Dog, we know that a dog is much more than a dog — they're a member of the family and a best friend for life Golden Doodle may grow 6 cm / 3 inches higher than Aussie Poo. Golden Doodle may weigh 10 kg / 22 pounds lesser than Aussie Poo. Both Golden Doodle and Aussie Poo has same life span. Golden Doodle may have more litter size than Aussie Poo. Both Golden Doodle and Aussie Poo requires Moderate maintenance. Basic Informatio Micro Mini Goldendoodles. Check out our beautiful Micro mini-Goldendoodle Puppies! We have various colors of Micro Mini golden doodle puppies to choose from such as Red, Golden, apricot, White, Abstract, and black. Micro minis are a family favorite ranging in 18-22lbs at maturity SOLD - Congratulations to E. Navarrete of Lubbock, TX! Female Blue Merle Miniature Aussie *Whelped - 2/15/21 *Ready - 4/12/21 *Dam - Black Tri Large Mini - 17 40lb

aussiedoodle puppies | Cute little dogs, Puppies, PetsPuppies Available for AdoptionAustralian Labradoodle Colors | Labradoodles of the NorthCOTTONWOOD CREEK DOODLES | Aussiedoodles & BernedoodlesPin by Mary Highstreet on Pets | Cute dogs, Dog breeds
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