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Niedrige Preise, Riesen-Auswahl. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Super Angebote für Preisvergleich I Select 5 hier im Preisvergleich. Große Auswahl an Preisvergleich I Select 5 Kindle Unlimited is a subscription program for readers that allows them to read as many books as they want. When you enroll in KDP Select, your books are automatically included in Kindle Unlimited. Your books will still be available for anyone to buy in the Kindle Store, and you'll continue to earn royalties from those sales like you do today

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  1. KDP Select is a free Kindle book program that gives you the opportunity to reach more readers and earn more money at no additional cost. All authors and publishers, regardless of where they live, are eligible to enroll their Kindle books in KDP Select. Benefits of KDP Select
  2. What is KDP Select? The Amazon KDP Select program is an option for Authors in Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). If you enroll, it gives you (and your book) access to: Kindle Unlimited; Kindle Owner's Lending Library; Kindle Countdown Deals; Kindle Free Promotions; Increased royalties in Brazil, Japan, India, and Mexic
  3. KDP and KDP Select authors can earn a 35% royalty on sales both in the US and internationally if their book is priced below $2.99, and 70% royalties on books priced above $2.99 in the US and other select countries. Only with KDP Select can authors earn a 70% royalty for sales in Brazil, Japan, Mexico, and India
  4. KDP Select is a program which authors can enroll their books in to reap financial and promotional rewards. The catch is, of course, that in order to enroll your ebook in KDP Select, you must be exclusive to Amazon
  5. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select is a program that Amazon offers where authors sell their ebook exclusively on Amazon (as opposed to just KDP, which is the overall name for uploading ebooks to sell on Amazon)
  6. When you include a Digital Book in KDP Select, you give us the exclusive right to sell and distribute your Digital Book in digital format while your book is in KDP Select. During this period of exclusivity, you cannot sell or distribute, or give anyone else the right to sell or distribute, your Digital Book (or a book that is substantially similar), in digital format in any territory where you have rights
  7. They have always treated me well and treated me fairly. A case in point is how I emailed them four days ago and asked if they could remove all my titles from KDP Select. They responded within 8 hours and said sure, it's done. Had they not done so this experiment would have had to wait until into December when my last title dropped out of Select

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In broad strokes, KDP Select is an Amazon program that gives authors access to promotional tools for the duration of their enrollment. In exchange, authors agree to only sell their ebook in the Kindle Store, giving Amazon exclusive sales rights of the digital file until the end of the program What is KDP Select? KDP Select is a free and optional program available to authors and publishers using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to publish their Kindle eBook. It is available on a book-by-book basis and it does not apply to print books

If you're self publishing on Amazon, then you're probably aware of the Kindle Direct Publishing Select Program. But, a lot has changed since its inception, s.. Does Amazon really rank their own Kindle Unlimited books higher than a regular book published? Or do buyers really download Kindle Unlimited books more frequ.. What is KDP Select? Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is Amazon's powerhouse e-publishing arm, established in 2007 in tandem with its Kindle reader, and currently owns about 80% of the market. Publishing your eBook through KDP is a straightforward affair in which you upload your file and select the KDP option

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  1. gly painted the KDP Select program as a go-to resource for.
  2. Managing KDP Select. I have been in and out of KDP Select several times over the years. For some of my ebooks, I have to say that sales improve. At the same time, I don't know how many potential sales I lost on other retailers. So it makes it difficult to know if I came out in front or not
  3. From growing your audience base to accessing one-off readers, KDP Select has become the digital publishing equivalent of Amazon Prime. KDP Select has championed our unquenchable thirst for content by bringing authors and readers together through unlimited content access provided by Kindle Unlimited
  4. Or, are you wondering if the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Select Program i... Are you thinking about enrolling your ebook into the Amazon KDP Select Program
  5. With authors protesting right and left, the new payment terms for KDP Select are probably proving less popular than Amazon would like.. Amazon's decision to shift from paying authors each time an ebook is loaned in Kindle Unlimited to paying by the number of pages read by Kindle Unlimited subscriber is rubbing some authors the wrong way, but luckily there is a solution
  6. A fresh answer to the age-old question of whether KDP Select is worth it. If you're wrestling with exclusivity, you need to watch this video---it will teach.
  7. Cons of Amazon KDP Select. Kindle Select requires exclusive distribution rights for 90-day periods. That means your title will solely be available through Amazon for at least 90 days from launch and will not be available for sale in any other retail store during this time frame

If you don't know what KDP Select is, you can read about it and enroll your books here. Essentially it means that if you choose to enroll you are giving Amazon a 90-day exclusive to sell your book. Amazon then makes your book available to their Amazon Prime customers in their lending library, offering you a payback for each book that is borrowed by their members KDP Select is a program where the publisher or author that uploads a book to KDP agrees to NOT make the ebook available anywhere else for at least 90 days. This 90-day exclusivity deal means that your ebook is not available at libraries either, or at Barnes and Noble (B&N), or on Kobo (the largest overseas ebook distribution and sales platform) KDP Select: This is a program in which you agree to sell your digital book exclusively through Amazon for 90 days. Your book is also included in Kindle Unlimited (KU) and the Kindle Owners' Lending Library (KOLL). Lastly, enrolling in KDP Select grants you access to Kindle Countdown Deals and Free Book Promotion

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Realize that KDP Select is not the end all. It won't give you an immediate best-seller. Like any sales platform, you must weigh the business decision to use or not use KDP Select carefully, and utilize an effective marketing plan in conjunction with the benefits Amazon offers. What tips would you give authors contemplating KDP Select KDP Select. KDP Select gives self-publishers and small press the opportunity to make their ebooks available to Kindle Unlimited readers. It also allows you to give away your ebooks for free for a limited time. This might be a plus or a minus for some authors KDP Select is a program inside their platform where you give Amazon exclusivity in return for some benefits. With that in mind, how well a book does depends entirely on how well it is promoted and how big your platform is. KDP select simply gives you a few additional promotional tools that can help get your book in front of new readers

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With KDP Select (KDPS), you will be eligible to use Kindle Countdown Deals and free book promotion for five days during each 90-day term. Both are useful book marketing tools. Your ebook will be available for Kindle Unlimited (KU) subscription readers Important to note, KDP Select and Kindle Unlimited are sometimes used interchangeably on blogs and forums, but KDP Select is the author's side, while Kindle Unlimited or KU is the consumer/reader side. In both cases, ('Exclusive' and 'Direct') authors earn 70 royalty rates. Also, print books are added to the functionalities of selling print. KDP select support will reply advising you they have manually added your book to the categories you requested. Grab This Category List. To save the hassle of scrolling through the category selection tool in KDP select I've created a list of all the categories you'll find there Enrolling in Kindle KDP Select and giving Amazon your ebook exclusivity is always a difficult decision. There has been a lot of debate about Amazon's Kindle Unlimited (KU).. It is a service offered to authors who chose to enroll in Kindle Direct Publishing KDP Select.. As a long-time self-publisher, I have to say that I am not a fan of KU Enrolling my travel guide in KDP Select. This year I've been juggling writing and publishing two different books. As well as finishing off and publishing my Write your Book (#2 in the series), I also completely revamped my Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide for 2019

This is a quick video showing you how to remove your ebook from KDP Select - Amazon KindleSign up to receive more info and updates http://ebooksbyjamie.com/e.. How to set up a Kindle Select pay-per-click advertising campaign. The scheme is simple to set up from your KDP Bookshelf. Click on the new Promote & Advertise option under the KDP Select column. On the next page, click on Create an Ad Campaign under the Run an Ad Campaign box, as shown in the screen shot above I know of no author who has received a dime in royalties from the Global fund. My books have four and five star review ratings but during the time my books were with KU or KDP Select, lending library or Matchbook, I received zilch. I belong to 25 Facebook book clubs and used to promote my books on them and saw sales Kindle Unlimited & KDP Select: A History. Since the inception of KDP Select, there has always been a KDP Select Global Fund, which is a pot of money that goes to authors whose books are downloaded for free through Amazon's eBook programs

Step #7: Enroll in the KDP Select program. Enroll in the KDP Select program making sure your book is available exclusively to Amazon (or they won't pay your royalties!). Enrollment is by clicking one button. Make sure to set a promotion day to see the effect of free downloads on your paid sales KDP Select is a program that offers a series of additional tools to its partaking authors. To enroll a title, go to your KDP Bookshelf and select the ellipses () button to the right of your feature. The fourth option listed is KDP Select Info. Amazon's guidelines for the eBooks it accepts into KDP Select are stringent, so it. KDP Select reduces the number of readers you can reach with your books. I want to make my titles available to as wide an audience as possible, and KDP Select runs counter to that. It actually aims to establish a monopoly over reader eyeballs and self-publishing authors So I dove in, November 9th - 11th, with my first promotional KDP Select experience. I learned a lot in a short time, and thought it would be valuable to my Duolit author friends to know more of what the experience is about so you can decide for yourselves if it's worth it. 6 Things I Learned from KDP Select Promotional Days. 1

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I think all self-published writers agree that the Select Browse Category feature on the KDP publishing platform is an absolute nightmare. It is not user friendly, far from intuitive and has a design borrowed from Windows XP. Don't get me wrong, KDP platform has some beautiful menus, but Select Browse Category is just not one of them It basically says the same thing in KDP Select's terms HERE. You may also provide professional reviewers with a copy of your book via email for the purpose of editing, proofreading and helping with other quality improvements. For that reason, I haven't been very careful with the ARC files I put up on Instafreebie and BookFunnel. I figured. If your book is enrolled in KDP Select, you can distribute up to a 10% sample of it on BookFunnel. This means that you are allowed to join group promos with your sample without violating your exclusivity agreement with Amazon. Sales Promos. You can join any Sales promo on BookFunnel, even while your book is enrolled in KDP Select One of the key insights we learned in the 2013 eBook Self-Publisher Survey was that most authors participate in KDP Select at some point in their marketing efforts (71%). But few—only 26%-that use free promo days actually buy advertising to promote those days. That's a big mistake

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Il existe une multitude de services plus ou moins gratuits pour promouvoir son livre. Parmi eux, le plus connu, celui du géant Amazon, le service KDP Select. Pour ceux qui ne le connaîtraient pas, s'abonner à ce service permet d'inscrire son livre à l'abonnement Kindle. Tous les lecteurs présents sur Amazon et payant un abonnemen KDP Select is an optional program where an author can choose to make their book exclusive to Kindle for 90 days. When an author chooses to enroll their book in KDP Select, they're committing to make the digital format of that book available exclusively through KDP

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Do you play nice with KDP Select / Kindle Unlimited terms? Amazon's KDP Select / KU exclusivity terms state the following: Have exclusive rights for the primary content of the Kindle book (i.e., the content is not public domain) - Source If your book is in KDP Select / KU, we ensure your book does NOT appear in the public domain on BookSirens Is KDP Select Right for YOU? There isn't a one-size fits all answer to this question. Personally, I would recommend trying it, and measure the results. If you have multiple Kindle books, enroll some of them in KDP Select, and opt out of that for others, and then evaluate the outcome of both options I love Amazon's KDP Select almost as much as I love Buster, my 13-year-old Pekeapom, a mix of Pekingese and Pomeranian, the dog you see to the right.. But my rescue pup dirties up the carpet every now and then. And in a way that's exactly what KDP has been doing lately. Last month, some alert authors smelled mismatches and oddities in the reporting of their page reads from subscribers to. Yes, Kindle Direct Publishing Select is good and bad for writers. I've wanted to write this post for a long time. I've used KDP Select for every one of my Shirley Link books at one time or another, and I've had some epiphanies about the KDP Select Global Fund that I'd like to share. Some of my insights come from watching Amazon grow since its early days KDP Select (Kindle Unlimited, on the readers' end) is Amazon's book subscription service. Authors who choose to enter can get paid while readers download their books for free as a part of the subscription, in exchange for not making their ebooks available anywhere else

Kindle books enrolled in KDP Select cannot be sold anywhere but Amazon. (We can still distribute your print book elsewhere, just not the eBook.) If you enroll in KDP Select, you will have the ability to opt out of the program every 90 days. You can re-enroll your book whenever you like. KDP is completely optional KDP Select's exclusivity clause only matters when the book is currently enrolled. If you're outside that 90 day period (either before or after) then you can make it available anywhere you wish. If your book is currently enrolled and you wish to get reviews on it, we recommend that you un-check KDP's option to automatically re-enroll it The free promotional periods available to KDP Select authors are just one way to boost sales. Good metadata, a great descritption of your book and high starred reviews are others. We have some great articles coming up on writing.ie on how to make the most of your metadata and author profile on Amazon, so keep checking back for more 本を KDP セレクトに登録した場合、その本のデジタル版を Kindle ダイレクト・パブリッシングでのみ独占的に販売することに承認したものとみなされます。 KDP セレクトの利用規約はどこで確認できますか

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KDP Select enrollment lasts for 90 days, which allows authors the option to auto-renew enrollment in KDP Select for another 90 days, or opt out. KDP Formatting Guide. Now that you're clear on exactly what KDP is, let's get started with the formatting and publishing process All KDP Select books are included in Kindle Unlimited, which is a monthly subscription that allows unlimited reading of e-books. Amazon has reported the Kindle version of Fifty Shades of Grey sold more than double that of Amazon's print sales of the book, and, in June 2012, the Kindle edition became the first ebook to sell more than one million copies on Amazon KDP authors also have the option of offering (under certain conditions) their book as an e-book through Kindle Unlimited. Kindle Unlimited is a special incentive for customers, as they can read these books on their Kindle for free. For pages read, authors receive a share of the KDP Select Global Fund Whether you've published one title or thousands, Amazon offers unique advertising solutions for Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) authors Switching from Amazon Expanded Distribution. I use different distribution models for my various ebooks, some are enrolled in Amazon KDP Select, some are consolidated through a distributor (Draft2Digital), and others use a mix model of direct with the core 5 (Amazon, Google, Kobo, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble) and everyone else through Draft2Digital

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KDP Select is a program where you sell your e-book exclusively on Amazon. As part of the perks, you can either offer your book free for up to five days or offer it at a discount using their Kindle Countdown promotion. Your agreement with Amazon lasts 90 days,. The KDP Select program put her books on higher sales trajectory than they had been on before. In fact, free books have been popping onto paid bestseller lists with some regularity over the past. KDP Select is valuable marketing tool for the right authors. This post is a review of 20 websites that help authors promote their free book days when Kindle eBook authors signup for the Amazon KDP Select program

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KDP Select enables indie authors to include their ebooks in the Kindle Owners' Lending Library. This library is not available to all Kindle owners - it is only available to Kindle owners who purchase an Amazon Prime membership or who take up the offer of a one month free trial of Amazon Prime membership KDP Select is an option for authors who publish through Kindle Direct Publishing, but you can publish on the Kindle Direct Publishing portal without enrolling in KDP select. Enrollment isn't automatic or mandatory. We don't enroll as an author. We enroll each book individually, so we can have some books in KDP Select and go wide with others Note you can always get into KDP Select at a later date or cancel it after 90 days if it's not right for you. Picking Your Price. Once you make your decision on KDP vs KDP Select you'll get to pricing. Here you'll be faced with another Amazon author question that is as old as time, choosing the 35% royalty plan or the 70% royalty plan KDP Select 4m 24s. Understanding ebook distributors 6m 57s. Direct retailers 2m 35s. Common strategies 2m 19s. Formatting Interior Documents: Amazon. Formatting, guides, and hiring 6m 4s. Word basics 6m 5s. Front matter. Big shout out to KDP Select (Amazon) they were able to send over my books through word. My hard drive crashed and I thought I lost everything...but they came through and emailed me all 4 books

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This Cover .pdf is what I uploaded to KDP for the cover. You can also use their cover creator if you desire. If all goes well, at this point under Manuscript and Book Cover it will say uploaded successfully. Then you go to Book Preview on the KDP Content page and select the yellow button Launch Previewer For publishing, I decided to go with Amazon and their KDP select plan. This enforces a 90 exclusivity period but in return allows me to do promotions that could have interesting results if done correctly. I can't say I'm massively confident about how successful it will be compared to the usual route of Smashwords/Itunes/Kobo In 2019, authors earned more than $300 million from Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select Global Fund, Amazon said in releasing its financial results for 2019. Total company revenue rose 20%, to. KDP Select is Amazon's promotional tool for indie-publishers. It includes four key components: Exclusivity: While ebooks are enrolled in KDP Select, Amazon demands exclusive publishing rights. Ebooks enrolled in KDP Select must not be for sale or given away anywhere else online or offline 2. To access KDP Select, you can't sell your ebook anywhere else. All those delicious marketing tools we mentioned in the last section (Countdown Deals, Kindle Unlimited) come with strings attached: to enroll in KDP Select, you must sell your ebook exclusively through Amazon. This might sound like no big deal (after all, most books are sold.

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KDP Select goes much farther: it makes Amazon, in effect, your publisher while your book is included in the program, and potentially has an impact on other work you are or are planning to publish. (See this post from Passive Voice for a detailed analysis of the dangers of non-competition clauses. Posts about KDP Select written by kingmidget. I would love for somebody to tell me that I'm wrong on this. For one of you self-published authors out there to tell me it's possible to sell as many books and make as much money going through Smashwords or some other e-publishing site as it is going through KDP and, more particularly, accepting the monopoly of KDP Select When you upload to KDP, you select paperback (to start the uploading process), so what the customer receives is a printed physical book. Reply. Maureen May 3, 2020 at 8:06 pm Hi Neil, thank you, that's absolutely brilliant!! Reply. steven May 5, 2020 at 7:05 pm The puzzle creator. Starting today KDP Miner also offers On the Fly mode. Imagine you're reading a blog, a social media post or anything on a website, and finding one or more words you think might be profitable keywords. All you need to do is select them, right click and order KDP Miner to analyze them in the background

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