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  3. The Douglas DC-1 was the first model of the famous American DC (Douglas Commercial) commercial transport aircraft series. Although only one example of the DC-1 was produced, the design was the basis for the DC-2 and DC-3 Design and development. Development of the DC-1 can be traced back to the.
  4. Douglas DC-1 var ett amerikanskt flygplan, och det första i den senare välkända Douglas DC-serien. Även DC-1 bara byggdes i ett exemplar så kom den att utgöra grunden för både DC-2 och DC-3.. Externa länkar. Wikimedia Commons har media som rör Douglas DC-1
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  6. The Douglas DC-1 was the initial model of the well-known Douglas Commercial transport airliner introduced by Douglas Aircraft Company in 1933. It was the foundation of the next-in-line DC-2 and DC-3 aircraft, however, only one was produced
  7. On June 22, 1933, Donald Douglas rolled the new DC-1 out of the hangar. The DC 1 was larger than the Boeing 247, had all the aviation and passenger improvements the Boeing had, and a few new ones. Two Wright Cyclone engines on the airplane each delivered 710 hp, more horsepower than the original Ford Tri Motor engines combined

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The Douglas DC-1 was the first model of the famous United States DC (Douglas Commercial) commercial transport aircraft series. Although only one example of the DC-1 was produced, the design was the basis for the DC-2 and DC-3, the starting point of one of the most successful aircraft designs in history. 1 Design and development 2 Specifications (DC-1) 3 See also 4 References 4.1 Notes 4.2. English: Douglas DC-1. Subcategories. This category has the following 3 subcategories, out of 3 total

Douglas DC-2 är ett tvåmotorigt transport- och passagerarflygplan, tillverkat av amerikanska bolaget Douglas Aircraft Corporation. Dess största konkurrent var Boeing 247.Från år 1935 började Douglas tillverka en större version som kallades DC-3, detta blev ett av de mest framgångsrika flygplanen i historien.. Referenser Externa länka The DC 1 had cost the company more than $350,000 The Douglas DC-2 was the stepping stone between the original Douglas DC-1 prototype and the commercially successful Douglas DC-3.With a capacity of 14 passengers and a range of 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometres), it first flew on 11 May 1934 O Douglas DC-1 foi o primeiro modelo da famosa serie DC (Douglas Commercial) de avións de transporte. The DC-1 gave passengers a level of comfort comparable to that of first-class rail travel at the time. There were 12 seats in two rows of six each, and a window for each passenger. Don Douglas stated in a 1935 article on the DC-2 that the first DC-1 cost $325,000 to design and build... Only one aircraft was produced. The prototype made its maiden flight on July 1, 1933, flown by Carl Cover. It was given the model name DC-1, derived from Douglas Commercial

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Douglas initially designed the DC-1 in 1933 to compete with the Boeing 247 of the United Airlines. The DC-1 was followed by the DC-2 in 1934. On December 17, 1935, the initial civilian variant designated as Douglas Sleeper Transport took its maiden flight operated by the chief test pilot, Carl Anson Cover Douglas responded with the DC-1. Their design differed from the TWA specification by using two 700hp engines in place of the three 500hp engines requested. The design used strong multi-spar wings, while the wing centre-section was built into the central fuselage (the Boeing Model 247 had a simpler system, with the wing spars ran through the centre of the fuselage, where they obstructed the.

Douglas DC-1, 2, og 3 på aviation-history.com Arkiveret 27. december 2011 hos Wayback Machine (engelsk) Douglas DC-1 på flyinghigher.net Arkiveret 23. juli 2011 hos Wayback Machine (engelsk) Historien om udviklingen af DC-1 Arkiveret 22. oktober 2007 hos Wayback Machine (engelsk The Douglas DC-1 and DC-2 The story of TWA and the DC-1 has been told many times, and has taken on almost legendary status. However, it's a fascinating story of corporate blunders and shining success Click here for Douglas DC-1 pictures! You can also find pictures of Douglas O-35, Douglas F-6 Skyray, Douglas F5D Skylancer DC: 1, made by DCAU. Download & walkthrough links are available. This is because the average file size is currently about 700mb, which causes our bandwidth to be high (couple of terabytes each month!).As this is a privately funded project, we believe we have chosen the best hosting provider for the limited budget On July 1, 1933, at exactly 12:36 PM, 332 days after Douglas received Jack Frye's letter, the main gear of the DC 1 left the ground. It was the beginning of the end for the Condors and other wood, fabric and wire airplanes

Amazing History,Douglas DC-3,dc3,Dakota,DST,DAK,C-47, R4D,DC-1,DC-2,gooney bird, skytrain,spooky,gunship,ac-47,super DC-3,donald douglas,douglas aircraft company,puff. Douglas won the contract with what would prove to be an industry-changing series of aircraft. Only one DC-1 was built before the design was improved. The DC-2 was developed when TWA and Douglas decided to increase the fuselage length of the DC-1 by two feet, which added one additional row of seats and increased the passenger capacity to 14 Why The DC-1 Was Air Travel's Most Significant Airliner Prototype; March 2006. Douglas DC-3; J-35 Draken! - 50 years of Sweden's Mach 2 delta; The airplanes that wouldn't die - First in a series; Aircraft designations - Mysteries revealed! April 2006. Mr. Naval Aviation - The R.G. Smith Story; Cockpits - It's what's up front. Douglas DC-1 All about our aircraft. Engines: 2. Iberia Units:-Length: 18,30 m. Manufacturer:-Wingspan: 25,92 m. Engine manufacturer:-Range: 1.175 km. Seats: 12. Routes:-Curious facts. The DC-1 gave passengers a level of comfort comparable to that of first-class rail travel at the time

Douglas DC-1 NC223Y Glendale Air Terminal 1934 h. Photos belonging to a Special Collection belonging to Greg Wasmann who worked at Douglas Aircraft *DST - Douglas Sleeper Transport **Std - Standard Passenger or Cargo Aircraft. DC-3C: Post-war designation given to C-47s later converted for civilian use. Usually had cargo door replaced with standard door, eliminated navigator's astrodome, and installed DC-3 tail cone over glider tow hook Requires the MAAM-Sim Douglas DC-3 Package. Last updated on 12/14/09. FS2002/FS2004/FSX TWA DC-3. This repaint is by Tim Scharnhop, and he did a great job. These are the original colors of TWA's DC-3's, which started the Douglas revolution with the DC-1. Thanks! Requires the MAAM-Sim Douglas DC-3 Package. Last updated on 12/14/09

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Huge archive of air camouflage profiles. More than 30000 images. 500 new profiles every month. Irreplaceable reference for modelers and aviation fans Douglas DC-3 (William T Larkins)Subsequent dash-numbers and letters indicated newer versions under (619, 635, 669). Awarded the Collier Trophy 1936, The Plane That Changed the World was legendary in both civil and military roles, as well as for incredible endurance—about 1,000 were still in commercial use worldwide in 1995 A Douglas DC-1-109 passenger plane, registered EC-AAE, was damaged beyond repair in a take-off accident at Málaga Airport (AGP), Spain. All survived. The airplane operated on a flight from Málaga Airport (AGP) to Tétouan Airport (TTU) Douglas, DC-1 Title: Douglas, DC-1 Corporation Name: Douglas Aircraft Designation: DC-1 Tags: Douglas, DC-1 Additional Information: USA, Prototype developed into the DC-2 & 3. 写真は, SDASM Archives San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive Catalog #: 01_00091384引用 Douglas DC-1. Additional filters: Names Douglas Aircraft Company 2 United States. Air Force 2 United States. Navy 2 Allen, Edmund Turney, 1896-1943 1 Allen, William M., 1900-1985 1 ∨ more. Antietam (Aircraft carrier) 1 Argentina. Armada 1 Beall, Wellwood.

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Douglas DC-1 Photo: Boeing: Douglas DC-1 Photo: USAF: Wind Tunnel Model Photo: Graduate Aeronautical Laboratory, California Institute of Technology (GALCIT) Douglas DC-1 Wing/Body Drag Curves Source: Gerald Landry (GALCIT The Douglas DC-2 was the developed and improved version of the Douglas DC-1. Production started in 1934 for the 14 seater aircraft. The DC-2 showed that air travel could be safe and comfortable. KLM entered its first DC-2 in to service in 1934. Aircraft Series Civil DC-2 156 Civil DC-2s where built and powers by a variety of Wright engines. DC-2 The sole Douglas DC-1 during tests after its first flight from Clover Field, Santa Monica on 1 July 1933. This head-on shot shows the slender slab-sided fuselage and the squarer-tipped wings of this prototype aircraft. See other image for further information. Obtained from Douglas over 50 years ago. This is the earliest Douglas photo on Airliners.net - Photo taken at Santa Monica - Municipal.

DOUGLAS DC-1 / DC-2 Military Series DC-1 / DC-2 SERVICE Manufacturer: The Douglas Aircraft Co. Inc., Santa Monica, California, USA Models: DC-1, DC-2 Designations: C-32, C-33, C-34, C-38, C-39, C-42, R2D Name: - First official flight: DC-1 01/07/1933 DC-2 11/05/1934 Factory production period: 1933 - 1939 Primary service period: 1934 - 1940' Douglas' resulting design, the 1933 DC-1, was promising, and led to the DC-2 in 1934. While the DC-2 was a success, there was still room for improvement. The DC-3 was the result of a marathon telephone call from American Airlines CEO C. R. Smith to Donald Douglas, during which Smith persuaded a reluctant Douglas to design a sleeper aircraft based on the DC-2 to replace American's Curtiss. During construction of the DC-1, Douglas decided to install new Wright Cyclone air-cooled engines with new three-bladed Hamilton-Standard variable-pitch propellers. The aircraft had a soundproofed and heated cabin. It was ready for its maiden flight on June 22, 1933, less than a year from contract signing The Douglas DC-1 suffered an engine failure on take off from Malaga, Spain while operating for Iberia Airlines in December 1940. Rumour has it that parts of the airframe were taken to build a portable alter to carry an effigy of the Virgin Mary around the streets of Malaga on Holy Days

The Douglas C-47 Skytrain or Dakota (RAF designation) is a military transport aircraft that was developed from the Douglas DC-3 airliner. It was used extensively by the Allies during World War II and remained in front line service with various military operators through the 1950s. 1 Design and development 2 Operational history 3 Super DC-3 (R4D-8) 4 Variants 4.1 RAF designations 5 Operators 6. McDonnell Douglas was a major American aircraft manufacturing company. It was formed by the merger of McDonnell Aircraft and the Douglas Aircraft Company in 1967. In 1997 it merged with Boeing.The company designed and built a number of well-known commercial and military aircraft such as the DC-10 airliner and F-15 Eagle air-superiority fighter.. DC-3, Specializing In The Douglas DC-3 Aircraft, The Largest DC-3 Aviation Site On The Net. DC-3, DC3, C47 C-47, R4D, C-53, C-11

The DC-1 was a low-wing monoplane, with a capacity of 12 passengers, and twin Wright Cyclone R-1820 air-cooled radial engines driving three-bladed propellers. The TWA request had specified three engines, but Douglas managed to convince TWA's technical advisor, Charles Lindberg, that two would do the job There are a total of [ 28 ] McDonnell Douglas (Company) Chronological Aircraft List product entries in the Military Factory. Please note that some brands are listed separately in the list below. For example, 'Lockheed' and 'Lockheed Martin' are considered two separate listings in the Military Factory database 1 Twin-engined aircraft 1.1 Twin-engined piston aircraft 1.1.1 Twin piston-engined tractor aircraft 1.2 Twin-engined turboprop aircraft 1.2.1 Twin-turboprop tractor aircraft 1.3 Twinjets 1.4 Twin-engined piston helicopters 1.5 Twin-engined push-pull aircraft 1.6 Twin-engined pusher aircraft 1.7 Twin-engined tractor aircraft 2 Three-engined aircraft 2.1 Trijets 2.2 Trimotors 3 Four-engined. 1934-1952 . The Douglas D.C. 2 is the principal type of twin-engined aeroplane used by Swissair on its main air routes. It was used to inaugurate the Zurich-Basle-London air service, the 450-miles stage from Basle to London being probably the longest regular non-stop schedule in Europe Interior of Douglas DC-1 with passengers, Santa Monica, Calif Creator Whittington, Dick Contributing Institution Santa Monica Public Library Collection Santa Monica Image Archives Rights Information Images are for personal research, scholarly and educational purposes

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This Douglas DC-3-G202A, registration number NC1945, serial number 3294, was built in Santa Monica, California, in February 1941. It was delivered to Transcontinental and Western Airlines (TWA) at Kansas City, Missouri on March 4, 1941. Approximately sixty percent of all DC-3 aircraft went to war as military transports (C-47s) in WWII The Douglas DC-2 is a twin-engined short-to-medium-range airliner with a capacity of maximum 14 passengers and a military utility transport aircraft produced by the US-American manufacturer Douglas Aircraft Company This is an upgrade from the default DC3 in FSX to the Super DC-3. Although only a few Super DC-3s were built, many still fly today, with upgraded engines and flight controls. This upgrade will change all of your default DC-3s to Super DC-3s unless you follow the instructions provided. With this upgrade the aircraft can fly up to 23,000 feet, and cruise for more than 800 nm with a modern.

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  1. Douglas built a total of 10,654 of the rugged and reliable planes, with about 2,500 more produced by others under license. Many are still flying today. The Museum's DC-3 was built in 1940 for American Airlines, delivered as NC15591
  2. Douglas DC-1 (1 prototype) De Douglas DC-2 (DC is Douglas Commercial ) wie in fleanmasine mei twa motors foar 14 passazjiers, boud troch de Douglas Aircraft Company fan 1934 ôf. Yn 1936 kaam Douglas mei in gruttere ferzje, dy't as Douglas DC-3 wrâldferneamd waard en de meast boude fleanmasine út de loftfeartskiednis waard
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