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aespa, SM Entertainment's New K-Pop Girl Group HYPEBA

SM Entertainment confirmed that they are planning to launch a new girl group and a new boy group that is not a unit of NCT, though; there are no details of when and who are the members yet. SM Entertainment has confirmed that their new girl group will be debuting within Q3 of this year, meaning between this month at earliest to next month at latest . With the news, more & more. Back in May, rumors surfaced that SM Entertainment was going to be debuting a new girl group called Moonlight Angels in 2018. Now a recent post on Instiz has hinted that the group will be debuting very soon and even gave a possible lineup Hey Hey Hey! Im Back with my 3rd vid!Hope you guuys like it! And PLEASE DO COMMENT! ENJOY WATCHIN

SM's subsidiary Mystic reveals their new Girl Group

New K-pop girl group Aespa includes human and virtual

SM Entertainment just introduced its new girl group. The new four-band girl group is named aespa and each singer will have their own avatar counterpart in the virtual world Then in 2016, SM Entertainment debuted a Kpop boy group NCT in 2016. So, for 4 years no new group, SM Entertainment will debut a new Kpop girl group. After being rumored for a long time that they would be debuting a new group, right at 1 a.m. KST (26/10), SM Entertainment revealed their new girl group 'aespa. However, recent news reports have stated that the agency has recruited Min HeeJin, a former employee of SM Entertainment who was played a big role in producing the concepts for popular groups such as f(x), Girls' Generation, and Red Velvet, in efforts to launch a new girl group Along with introducing new members of the group, virtual avatars of the girls will also be introduced as part of the aespa universe. The group will consist of both virtual and physical counterparts, as SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man spoke about the AI girl group concept at the 2020 World Cultural Industry Forum Updated November 14 KST: SM Entertainment's new girl group aespa revealed a photo that showcases æ-aespa, their virtual avatar counterparts! Updated November 13 KST: SM Entertainment has shared.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube This will be SM Entertainment's first girl group debut since Red Velvet in 2014, six years ago. It's been several months since the company announced that they planned to debut a new girl group this year, but since then, fans have heard little other than rumors The new girl group's concept is said to be a mix of f(x)'s experimental concept and Girls' Generation's mainstream pop concept. As compared to the previous groups they have produced, it seems like SM Entertainment has toned down a little on the group size since they are going to debut a 4-member girl group this time around

According to TechM, SM Entertainment will have large scale projects, including the new Kpop girl group in 2020. In the article released on August 15, TechM reported some plans of the four biggest entertainment agencies in South Korea. One of the exciting news is the upcoming SM Entertainment girl group debut later this year It has been confirmed by SM Entertainment that 2020 will mark the debut of their latest girl group. Currently named SMNGG (or SM New Girl Group ) by fans, it is speculated that the group will make their debut within the first half of 2020, which has sparked much excitement from K-Pop fans around the world Mystic Story Girls Profile: Mystic Story Girls Facts and Ideal Types: Mystic Story Girls (tentative name) is a 6-member pre-debut girl group under Mystic Story Entertainment (a subsidiary label of SM Entertainment). The group consists of: Miyu, Sua, Suhyun, Haram, Tsuki, and Siyoon.They will debut sometime in 2020

SM Entertainment will debut its new girl group aespa next month, presenting a new band for the first time in four years since the debut of its boy band NCT in 2016. The agency released the official logo image for the new group on Monday morning SM Entertainment recently released the profiles of the members -- Karina, Giselle, Winter and Ningning -- ahead of the group's debut this month. The band's name, aespa, comes from the English words avatar, experience and aspect, with the name meaning to be able to meet another self through an avatar and experience a new world, according to SM Entertainment The new group, aespa, comes from the same people behind popular bands such as Super Junior, Girls Generation and Shinee And right now, all the girl groups debut under SM Entertainment, SNSD was the only group who overpass the popularity of their corresponding boy group Super Junior . My ranking for all the girl groups debut under SM Entertainment: 1 SNSD 2 S.E.S. 3 CSJH The Grace 4 f(x) 5 Shinvi 6 M.I.L.K 7 Isak N Jiyeo

SM Entertainment, the K-pop powerhouse that represents popular girl groups Girls' Generation and Red Velvet, on Monday announced the debut of a new girl group next month. Little is known about the. SM Entertainment recently launched their girl group Aespa, following the Red Velvet Irene controversy. Netizens are pointing out that SM Entertainment tends to launch new groups every time there.

SM Entertainment to Debut New Girl Group, aespa HYPEBA

SM Entertainment's new girl group aespa will make an official debut with the release of its single Black Mamba on Nov. 17. The group consists of four members; Karina and Winter of Korea, Giselle of Japan, and Ningning of China SM Entertainment's new Kpop girl group Aespa is finally here, with their debut song Black Mamba. When SM Entertainment first made the announcement launch on October 26, we know they are. SM Entertainment, home to a number of high-profile K-pop acts including EXO, Girls' Generation, Super Junior, f(x) and SHINee, has added a new group for the first time in two years It was known after the agency SM Entertainment registered a patent for the name SPRY on December 3, 2018 ago. SPRY is an old school term that means, active, young, beautiful. Many fans suspect that the name will be used for the new girl group of SM Entertainment which will be debuted in 2019 With SM's new girl group debuting in the second half of 2020 too, SM's lineup this year seems very stacked. Looks like they are not debuting in July like they were mentioned before. At least they're not delayed to the next year

SM Entertainment Introduces The Virtual Concept Of aespa

SM Entertainment Profile: History, Artists, and Facts Official/Current Company Name: SM Entertainment Co., Ltd. (February 14th, 1995) Previous Company Name: SM Studio/SM Planning CEO: Lee Sung-su and Tak Young-jun Founder: Lee Soo-man Founding Date: 1989 (Reestablished in February 14th, 1995) Address: SM Entertainment 423, Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea SM Entertainment Official. SM C&C / SM Life Design Group / SM Brand Marketing DearU / KEYEAST / Stream Media Corp. / MYSTIC STORY / GalaxiaSM / ESteem DIGITAL CONVERGENCE NEW PARADIGM NEW PLATFORM Korean entertainment agencies through Asia-wide distribution channels and global partners. s Evolutionary Trends That Lead t SM Entertainment's girl group philosophy is no longer a mystery - but do you think they're doing it right? By. SBS PopAsia HQ. 18 Mar 2015 - 5:32 PM UPDATED 18 Mar 2015 - 5:40 PM SM Entertainment, the company that has developed and popularized numerous K-pop stars with global fandom, first teased the arrival of a new group on October 26, 2020. The official SM Entertainment Twitter handle posted about Aespa along with a new logo and an aespa: INTRO teaser clip

SM Entertainment's New K-Pop Girl Group aespa Will

It was in year 2014, SM Entertainment revealed a new K-pop girl group called Red Velvet. The idea behind proposing this group name was about their brave yet elegant image. In year 2014, they made debut by their single entitled Happiness and later in their subsequent year, the group launched their songs like Automatic and Ice Cream Cake aespa (에스파; also stylized as æspa) is a four-member girl group under SM Entertainment. They debuted on November 17, 2020 with the digital single Black Mamba. Their name is a combination of æ, which means 'Avatar X Experience', and aspect, which means double-sided. Together it means that you would being able to experience a new world through another avatar of yourself.1 1 History.

SM Entertainment debuted a solo singer BoA in 2000, a five-member boy group TVXQ in 2003, a four-member rock band TRAX in 2004, a four-member girl group The Grace and a thirteen-member boy group Super Junior in 2005, a solo singer of Chinese descent Zhang Liyin in 2006, a nine-member girl group Girls' Generation in 2007, another five-member boy group Shinee in 2008, five-member girl group f(x. South Korea's SM Entertainment, which is behind popular girl groups Girls' Generation and Red Velvet, announced on Monday (Oct 26) it is launching a new girl group in November SM Entertainment has confirmed that its long-anticipated new girl group, officially named aespa, will debut this November, South Korean news site Naver reports. aespa (stylized as æspa, a combination of æ [avatar x experience] and the English word aspect) is said to symbolize encountering one's alter ego/avatar and experiencing a new world SM Entertainment (SM엔터테인먼트) is a South Korean record label and entertainment agency. Originally founded in 1989 as SM Studio, it is currently home to idol groups such as SUPER JUNIOR, Girls' Generation, SHINee, EXO, Red Velvet, NCT, SuperM and aespa in addition to numerous non-idol groups and solo artists.. Sales and revenues from SM Entertainment make it the first most successful.

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SM Entertainment: SM Rookies. Having made 12 member group EXO in to an international sensation, SM Entertainment also plans to release a new group in 2014. Debuting two years after EXO, the rookie. Now Big Hit Entertainment's expansion will include the creation of their first girl group. To help with this endeavor, they recently signed on a big behind-the-scenes player in K-pop, former SM.

SM Entertainment announced to debut a gril group this year which will be known as the female version of Shinee. First, the controversial Sweet 4 U gals. After the confirmation of the cancelling of 2 Filipino members, CRYSTAL girls came in with the 3 members of S4U and added 2 more trainees from SM Entertainment SM Entertainment is reportedly creating a new 'super boy group,' and EXO fans are particularly pissed about it SM Entertainment confirmed the debut new girl group 'aespa', and released teaser through Aespa's official account . aespa is a combination of 'æ', which means 'Avatar x Experience', and the English word 'aspect'. The whole word 'aespa' means 'meeting your other self as Avatar and experiencing a whole new world'. The group is expected to make. Kpop fans are exited to hear that YG Entertainment New Kpop Girl Group is coming soon. A fan named Eskimo shared a capture of an Instagram post created by a YG insider. Though some netizens are doubtful of the post and think that it might be for clout, they do not lose hope to see the predicted-to-be-named Baby Monster YG girl group this year (or maybe early next year) Black Pink is the new K-pop girl group developed under YG Entertainment. They consist of four members -- Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé. [Image via YG Entertainment Promotions for Black Pink]From what many K-pop fans have discerned and concluded, YG Entertainment is waiting for SM Entertainment for Red Velvet to make their comeback before having Black Pink debut

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Aespa (에스파; e-seupa); stylized as æspa, is a girl group since Red Velvet's debut in 2014 and the agency's first new group overall since NCT's debut in 2016.1 They debuted in November 17, 2020, with the single, Black Mamba.2 1 Concept 2 Members 2.1 Avatars 3 Discography 3.1 Singles 4 External links 5 References According to Lee Soo-man, The members who reside in the real world and. After plans for a new girl group with Big Hit Entertainment was announced last year, it also came to light that Source Music ended its contracts with all the male trainees under the company. The female trainees, however, remained, so chances are at least a few of them will make it into the new girl group Aespa will be unveiled on Nov 17 with the release of first single Black Mamba, and they are the first new girl group launched by K-pop company SM Entertainment since the 2014 debut of Red Velvet

SM Entertainment new girl group Red Velvet Seulgi Selca in the past.Selca is a Korean slang, which means `A Self-Cam picture. ie a picture of yourself taken by yourself. Not professionally. SM Entertainment has recently dropped the announcement for their 2021 Global SM New Boy Group Audition. Earlier today, the entertainment agency has started to accept online applications 同時 S.M. Entertainment 在近日公開了女團的宣傳畫報與個人形象,在充滿夢幻風格的場景中,也能窺知 aespa 未來將以結合現實與虛擬的面貌呈現,擔綱主唱的是來自韓國的 Karina、Rap 擔當則是日韓混血的 Giselle、來自中國的 Ningning 則擔任門面與主唱、而主舞由韓國成員 Winter 擔綱,團體首張單曲《Black. It won't be long before Big Hit is ready to debut a new girl group, according to the company they've already found their trainees and the girls are getting ready to debut in 2021

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  1. SM Entertainment is set to debut its new K-pop group sometime in November 2020. The girl group, known as aespa, has four members: Winter, Karina, Aeri, and Ningning. Lee Soo-man, the founder of SM.
  2. SM Entertainment announced aespa's launch last October 26 which marks their company's first girl group since the debut of Red Velvet last 2014.. According to the company's press release, the group's name was created by combining æ which expresses Avatar X Experience and the English word aspect which means both sides, and Meet your other ego, Avatar and You will experience a new world.
  3. g together for an online concert
  4. g album, it would be the first girl group to debut from the label since Red Velvet in 2014
  5. S.E.S (Korean: 에스이에스) is a three member girl group under SM Entertainment The three member girl group consists of Bada (Sea), Eugene and Shoo. They made their debut on November 1st, 1997 with their first full length album I'm Your Girl, and held their debut stage on 100% Charge with their title track of the same name on November 27th, 1997
  6. BigHit girl group vs. YG girl group? Here are all the new idol Purple Kiss is under RBW Entertainment and the group will SM and YG are preparing to launch new idol groups as well with.

3 Trainees Expected To Debut In SM Entertainment's New

Big Hit Entertainment, the management company of BTS, is planning to launch a K-pop girl group within this year. Details of the act, such as its name and the number of members, are unknown SM did debut 2 groups in a year, 2005 when CSJH and SJ debut in the same year, so its possible. However, Stella is not joining cus she said she has to finish her studies first, and I think Hajin left Girls' Generation is a precious and meaningful group for SM and for fans, said an SM rep, reports Yonhap. The members are not thinking of disbandment at all Big Hit Entertainment, the management company behind BTS, is planning to launch an all-new K-pop girl group within the year. Details of the act, such as its name and the number of members, are unknown. It marks the first time the company will unveil a girl group in nine years since Glam debuted in 2012. The group was disbanded in 2015 Pada tanggal 1 Agustus, S.M. mendebutkan Girl Group Red Velvet, girl group sejak f(x) empat tahun sebelumnya. Pada bulan Agustus 2015, S.M. bermitra dengan perusahaan olahraga IB Worldwide untuk membuat Galaxia SM, yang bertanggung jawab untuk pegolf Park In-bee, pesenam Son Yeon Jae, dan Choo Shin-soo, Fielder tepat untuk Rangers Texas

SM Entertainment To Debut New Girl Group in November

음악, 드라마, 예능, 스포츠, 패션, 뉴미디어, 라이프스타일 등을 아우르는 아시아 최고엔터테인먼트 그 OUI Entertainment is debuting a new KPop boy group, OUIBOYS, or. The members surely received a systematic training system that focuses on their vocal, rap, dance, and performance skills. Even before the debut, some KPop fans already have speculations about the possible members: Jang Daehyeon, Kim Donghan, Kim Yohan, Kang Seokhwa and two other unidentified trainee

Red Velvet is super adorable in 3rd teaser video for "DumbRed Velvet share gothic video for 'Psycho' and release new EPRed Velvet is adorable in blue for new 'Power Up' teaser

SM Global Shop is the official SM entertainment merchandise shop where we sell exclusive SM goods, accessories, and albums SM Entertainment est une maison de disques sud-coréenne fondée par Lee Soo-man en 1995.. La société exploite un label, une agence de talents, une agence de voyage, une société de production de films, une société de production de musique, une société de gestion d'événements et de concerts, et une société de production ainsi que d'une maison d'édition musicale Background. In 2011, SM Entertainment CEO, Lee Soo-man, revealed plans to debut a new boy band that would be divided into two sub-groups, promoting the same music simultaneously in South Korea and China by performing songs in both Korean and Mandarin. After several member changes in December 2011, the group finalized its name as Exo, taken from the word exoplanet Right now, it's Girls' Generation. Tomorrow, it's Girls' Generation. Forever, it's Girls' Generation. 13 years ago, SM Entertainment's first girl group made their entrance to the K-pop scene. At that time in 2007, K-pop's international presence was almost unheard of, but years down the road, the nine members of Girls' Generation won the hearts of many, sparked a global phenomenon through their. The first K-pop group to roll out of the S.M. factory was the boy band H.O.T. in 1996. It popularized an upbeat, catchy style of dance music that had been coming into vogue, overtaking the folk.

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